Friday, 16 July 2010

more to follow

Well 12 more confederate sit in my dressing room waiting to be brought home and based, should have finished my confederate army by the end of the year, but when am i going to fit in the most beautiful Prussian army slowly being bought for me by my wife.

cheeky i know but i've made a folder on my desk in which i have placed order forms for a 1813 Prussian brigade. Calpe figures which really are the best to my mind. I have told my wife from now on if she can't think what to buy me for birthdays christmas etc, its all there. Great plan , if i had not already bought two of the units my self, keep your hands in your pockets nigel.!!!!!

will try get some pics when i've based them

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

painting at work

i've just discovered a window of twenty minutes a day at work in which i can paint, perhaps the lead mountain can be declined to a small hill,

i'm appearing in warhorse at the moment and in between changing from a british sergeant, to a german gun crew i have twenty minutes

so far so good