Friday, 21 November 2008

AWI finished, celts still on the painting board

Well the first finished, since baby arrived , full regiment taking to the field (four still being based when this picture was taken ) in the
 Battle of the Clouds (what if it didn't rain) at Warfare this Sunday.

Only another six regiments of foot and two of cavalry and four guns to go..... hmmm maybe next year , oh and of course the Romans ,Celts, Dark age Welsh/Arthurian.....

Friday, 14 November 2008

First few steps

Well the babe is six weeks old, and this is the first time i've considered buying figures rather than yet more nappies or milk, does that make me a bad dad ?

so much lead to paint and so little time, but i've decided it is the one thing that will keep me sane, so i'm afraid no pictures as yet but when i do you'll be the first to know

also having a baby has quite by chance introduced me to a fellow wargamer , the husband of the Doula who helped my wife give birth, 

small world but who'd want to paint it, well with all that lead to paint .... so do i start on the AWI, Romans or the Dark Age stuff, oh god more choices.

hopefully my next blog will having something to show

wish me luck