Thursday, 2 December 2010

british cavalry commander

well here is the commander all i need now is to paint up the forces, prussians now based just 12 more to paint for full battalion, only 9 more to go should have them done by end of warhorse contract in november 2011 ha ha

well with only fifteen minutes a day it takes time

the first of the prussians to be finished just 12 more and the first battalion will be ready to base and take the field. also painted up a cavalry commander for my british, just need some cavalry to go with them now

Thursday, 4 November 2010

the Prussians are coming

the first stage of the long journey of painting my first Prussian division, as i've said only getting
blocks of 15 minutes per night while i'm not on stage in War Horse is going to take a tole on the speed but i'm hoping a battalion a month is not going to be impossible
so here are the first four days work

well having finished to Portuguese battalion, it was time to start on the first of my Calpe prussians, i've really enjoyed painting the front rank Portuguese but i have to say the Calpe almost paint themselves

examples of finished Portuguese

Monday, 20 September 2010

Only days away from having Hills 2nd Division finished apart from the portuguese brigade which i'll have finished by first week in october/november.

It has been great having that painting time , and, i'll attempt to have some pictures up soon, with a lot of big Napoleonic games coming up next year i'm going to try and get involved, work and small toddler allowing.

Pictures of my first Portuguese regiment to follow

Friday, 20 August 2010

well the painting seems to be working out, just putting finishing touches to some peninsular British standard stands to finish off three battalions, a bit of a cheat but having acquired some british figures already painted, but more than i use in my 24 figure battalions , adding a few stands of regimental flags i've stretched three units to five, with most of the units having the same facing colours, i can always return them to there bigger battalions if i wish for different rules. also allows me to create different divisions just by swapping stands , shame is i can't be so detailed as to paint the regimental numbers on equipment, but truth is i'm a wargamer first and a painter second

the fifteen minute painting period between the first scene of the second act and the rest of the play has been a great discipline, i'm getting more painted in those fifteen minute bursts than i have done for years, although it does raise the odd eyebrow form the other actors

will post some of my pictures if the come out , i have no proper camera just my little iphone but we shall see

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

still painting

Painted another dozen confederates , basing tomorrow for a game sunday, we are trying two perhaps three sets of rules in one day , same battle. will give an idea of how it goes,

try do some pics of sunday game if anyone is interested

starting my portugese on monday for Hills division

and then finally onto my Prussians hurrah

Friday, 16 July 2010

more to follow

Well 12 more confederate sit in my dressing room waiting to be brought home and based, should have finished my confederate army by the end of the year, but when am i going to fit in the most beautiful Prussian army slowly being bought for me by my wife.

cheeky i know but i've made a folder on my desk in which i have placed order forms for a 1813 Prussian brigade. Calpe figures which really are the best to my mind. I have told my wife from now on if she can't think what to buy me for birthdays christmas etc, its all there. Great plan , if i had not already bought two of the units my self, keep your hands in your pockets nigel.!!!!!

will try get some pics when i've based them

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

painting at work

i've just discovered a window of twenty minutes a day at work in which i can paint, perhaps the lead mountain can be declined to a small hill,

i'm appearing in warhorse at the moment and in between changing from a british sergeant, to a german gun crew i have twenty minutes

so far so good